Causes And Treatment For Headache

Total lacking of oxygen is the main cause of the condition associated with headache. Day after day, under the influence of unhealthy lifestyles, chronic lack of sleep, fatigue, stress and bad habits are aggravated by various related injuries and diseases with the same high blood pressure.



In addition to headache, it is the condition like beating hammer on the head; a man begins to complain of fatigue, weakness, visual disturbances, hearing impaired memory and with dull concentration. To join this set of vertigo – until he lost consciousness, and the constant noise in the ears.

With these symptoms you should immediately consult a neurologist, without wasting your time because this disease will enters gradually in a critical phase. Cerebrovascular disease is fraught with all sorts of consequences, from stroke to dementia – it may just hit in between 40 to 50 years.

What we can do?
In addition to the special treatment that a physician may prescribe, depending on the severity of the underlying disease, is a system of prevention. In order to strengthen the brain, normalize your lifestyle. It means – to take enough sleep, to eat properly, exercise and increase the exposure to fresh air.

You need to stop smoking with the prohibition of alcohol intake and the consumption of fatty foods high in cholesterol should also be reduced. As far as possible avoid unnecessary stress.

Simple tips to relieve the condition
Well, those who spend all day at the computer, it is necessary to remember that for every half an hour eyes should be given a rest. Excellent prevention for surge is the alternation of mental and physical work. After all, you can always find a little time for the simplest exercises. Or just stop your work, during which you can lean back in a chair, close your eyes and for a moment stop thinking about anything which makes you stressful.

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