Child’s Health Associated With Healthy Sleep

During the night or day sleep, the condition of brain is recharged because sleep improves the brain concentration, which allows the full physical tranquility to keep a clear mind.

Basics of healthy sleep
• A sufficient number of sleeping hours
• Sleep continuity;
• Naps (need depends on the age)
• Sleep must obey the natural biological rhythm of the child.

Why is it important to respect the child’s sleep?
Children who sleep longer during the whole night then their level of concentration and attention will be much higher. Young children, who have little sleep, are more irritable, not outgoing, and not able to concentrate because they feel nervous and grumpy.

Preschool students, who sleep for long periods are more active and they have keen interest in what is happening. Enough sleep usually hyperactive children. A small but constant sleep has a negative effect on the brain. Children with a high IQ, as it turns out, sleep more than others. Healthy sleep is excellent prevention of many diseases caused by nervous system, learning disorders, behavior problems.

The optimal activity – With a proper sleep at optimal activity people can perceive the event and interact with the environment at the peak of attention, just because a person is able to perceive something new. Child will always be awake with interest to learn. It will be quiet, attentive, and sociable, everyone around him will be interesting.

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