Cleaning Process Of The Human Body

Oral care – As you know, some of the diseases of the internal organs begin to develop in mouth which can be totally unhygienic. Teeth should be cleaned every morning with a special paste made using natural and interdental spaces floss or with a toothpick.

After each meal it is compulsory to thoroughly wash your mouth. If you suffer bad breath problem, straight away go for the advice given by your dentist. In order to timely detect cavities, with plaque elimination and for the gum cure, get your appointment with the dentist twice a year. To have strong teeth eat more foods which can supports the gums and teeth as well. Avoid fatty foods, which form an acid that destroys tooth enamel.

Maximum cleanliness shoes and underwear
It is very important that after washing (shower, bath, and so on) to change your underwear, and not to re-contaminate the skin particles of sweat, grease and dirt with the use of same underwear after rinsing your body.

Underwear, which directly touches the skin of the body (T-shirt, socks, underwear, tights, stockings, tops etc) should be changed daily. Footwear also needs attention; it should also be cleaned inside and outside as well. As often as possible change in closed shoes, boots, shoes and insoles.

Nail care and heels
A huge number of various bacteria and dangerous microorganisms live under dirty fingernails, so it is particularly important to correctly and regularly care for your hands and feet nails. Cleanliness is the guarantee of health, so do not forget to clean your nails and it is better to trim or rasp it.

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