Foods That Will Make Your Skin Beautiful And Attractive

Many foods we eat on a daily basis are beneficial for maintaining skin beauty. Here they are as follows:

Paste of Banana mask gives softness to the skin:
Nobody needs Botox diet when there is bananas Yes, you got that right! You can use banana to make your skin soft, as they serve to soften the skin and reduces black lines around the eyes. To prepare the mask, you need a banana pasty which you will apply to face and neck. Allow to work up for 20 minutes, then remove with warm water.

Mask of powder milk (a natural tonic):
If you are pale and have dark circles, try a mask of powder milk and water (mix ingredients until they turn into a paste consistency). The mixture should be applied to the face and leave it on until it is dry, then remove with warm water. Milk restores the skin’s natural radiance and reduces puffiness.

Mayonnaise shrinks infections and dirtiness from skin:
Rather than spending money on all sorts of expensive facial care products, it is better to prepare your own cream with ingredients in your kitchen. You need an egg, a little mustard oil, mix that mixture with mayonnaise gently. Apply that mixture to your face and allow standing it for 20 minutes. Mayonnaises reduce impurities and leave the skin clean and bright.

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