Health Problems Associated With Alcoholism

Constant use of alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning. It, in turn, is accompanied by repeated vomiting, belching, chronic pain and burning consciousness in the stomach. It may also develop unceasing alcoholic gastritis. Its symptoms can be shown with general weakness of the body, nausea, diarrhea, poor stamina and hurting in the abdomen.

The consumption of alcohol has a harmful effect on the human kidney. Reception of even small quantity of alcohol leads to the repeated urination. This is due to the irritant effect of alcohol on the surface of the kidney. At constant reception alcohol destroys kidney cells. After their extinction, they are replaced by connective tissue, and the kidneys are reduced in size.

Constant consumption of alcohol leads to increased sweating, edema. Obviously, such an effect of alcohol on the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system is abortive for the body which reduced life and leads to the occurrence of premature death. Scientists have proven that alcohol distress the immune system, lowering the body’s resistance to transmittable diseases.

So much more complex chronic alcoholics experience with various diseases, especially allergic infections. According to the statistics, deaths among people who abuse alcohol are three to five times higher than in people who are not interested in consuming alcohol. Speaking about the hazards of alcohol on the human body, you must be informed about the harmful effects of alcohol on the human reproductive organism.

Alcohol can affect the expectation of new born baby process by damaging the sperm and the egg, and in the development of the embryo.

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