What Is Needed For A Healthy Breakfast?

Here are some of the best tips recommended by the American health researchers; generally for breakfast meal it should be balanced with healthy food choices, therefore for the multiple health benefits you should include foods from the following categories:
1. Grains
* Integral flakes of oats, rye, and corn;
* Biscuits crackers integral type
* Wholemeal bread.




2. Low fat protein
* Chicken or turkey ham
* Smoked salmon
* Egg white
* Peanut Butter
* Seeds and nuts


3. Low fat milk
* Skimmed Milk
* Low fat yogurt
* Low fat cheese
* Low fat butter



4. Fruits and vegetables
* Fresh or frozen fruit
* Any vegetable which you prefer.
* Fruits and vegetable juices.




According to the experts, the combinations that you can do with food from these food groups you will ensure prolonged-release complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber and low amounts of saturated fats. Thus, your body will have the enough energy needed for the day and, in addition, you will not have problems with hunger for hours.

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